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Following Through on Resolutions

Did you make resolutions in January, and you’re already finding yourself falling behind?

Don’t waste time kicking yourself because changing an attitude about getting a job done, whether it’s losing ten pounds or writing a book, is a tough thing to do!

First of all, remember each day is a fresh start to reaching your goal. If you’ve set a goal of writing 3,000 words per day and a whole week has gone by without writing a single word, don’t give up. Start every day new and don’t look back at yesterday and feel guilty.

Second, try to figure out where you’re failing. Was the goal too ambitious?

You might need to pace yourself. For instance, aim for a small change that gradually increases throughout the year. You don’t need to change overnight, but you need to be careful not to set yourself up for something you can’t achieve without practice.

Again, using the example of writing 3,000 words per day, you might start with 500 words per day, or 3,000 words per week, and every month increase that.

Finally, are you looking at the small picture of step-by-step improvements, or is the big picture distracting you? For instance, you might want to train to run a 10k race by the end of the year. Don’t look at it from the perspective of today - You’ll need to be able to run for a whole hour. Look at it from a training perspective of some weeks working on speed, other weeks on distance… slowly working on reaching your goal. Divide the goal into manageable parts, and concentrate on the small steps.

I hope you reach all your goals this year!

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