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In an effort to share insider tips and information from successful, self-published authors, I’ll be interviewing many new authors. To start our new segments, here is an interview with Drew J. Stevens, Ph.D., president of Stevens Consulting Group and self-published author of “Split Second Selling.”

Tell us about your self-published book.
I have six, self-published books. My first and lengthiest is “Split Second Selling,” a book based on the need to have a solid selling methodology since 92% of most sales professionals do not have one, and this creates losses in sales closure. In addition, I developed a proprietary sales methodology known as PRACTICE©. I believe that athletes practice, as do physicians and attorneys; selling is a profession and they need to practice too.

I currently have three other books in the queue for self publishing they include:
“Split Second Selling Field Guide – Resources for the Selling Professional”
“Ultimate Business Bible – 12 Strategies for Ultimate Business Success”
“Little Book of Hope – Strategies to lead a Productive and Passionate Life”

Why did you decide to self-publish? Two reasons, 1) I am able to control the inventory and distribution and 2) cost. The cost of going through a large publisher and an agent were most costly and time-consuming. And commercially produced books do not seem to have the advantage of five to ten years ago.

• What has been your biggest reward in self-publishing your book? The ability to see immediate results and cutting through much of the bureaucracy and foppishness of the commercial book industry.

• What has been the most challenging part of self-publishing your book? Marketing and distribution. The hardest part is becoming a distributor and learning the variety of ways needed to get your book noticed. This is where commercial has an advantage. It is no difficult simply time consuming.

What advice do you have for other self-published authors? Three things:

1. Do not procrastinate, depending on the type of book at length one might actually produce a book in less than three months.

2. Get over the comfort zone of sitting around, one must be actively engaged marketing to get the book noticed.

3. Similar to the way Google works, create community, alliances are great methods to create distribution.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
Listen to your markets for unmet needs. My new book is being written and titled three ways to help create interest in the niches I serve. And with the prowess of the internet marketers can create pillars based on the books. I have created audio, video and articles simply by repurposing information from my books One needs to think how to take the content to create allure.

Thanks for your great insights, Drew!

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5 Quick Ways to Save Time and Money this Holiday Season

The holidays are here, and it’s time to save time and money. Here are my quick tips:

1. Wrap all presents as soon as possible.
You’ll probably still have some last minute things to wrap, but if you can get the bulk of it done now, it will save a huge amount of time for you to do other things once the season begins.

2. Pre-order any specialty food items you’d like to be sure you have it.
If you’d like a crate of oranges, or a special cut of meat or turkey, there is often a discount for ordering it early.

3. Make your own wreath or table arrangement.
You don’t have to be particularly skilled at crafts to do this! Before it gets too snowy and cold, send the kids out with clippers and have them trim the bushes and put the clippings into bags.

You can either use some craft wire to attach the branches to a Styrofoam wreath base, or arrange the branches loosely around a candle on the table for a centerpiece.

4. If you’re hosting a meal for close friends or family, ask them to bring a course such as a salad or vegetable dish.

5. If you’re ordering something online for the holidays, check for hidden discounts before you actually purchase anything.

Using a search engine, type in the name of the store you’d like to buy from, and the word “discount” or “code” to find out if there’s a special offer that’s not available on the store’s site itself.

Hopefully, these quick tips will help you prepare for the holidays and save some time and money too!

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3 Quick Tips to Make a Book Idea a Reality

If you have been thinking about writing a book, now is the time to start! Here are three quick tips to put pen to paper and make your dream book a reality!

1. This might sound obvious, but to make your book a reality, you’ll need to actually sit down and write it. A book won’t write itself, so try to carve out time to work on it.

Keep a notebook and pen handy at all times, so when an idea comes to you, you can write it down. This also gives you the chance to work on your book while you’re waiting for something else.

I’m always a few minutes early when picking up my son from school, and you’ll nearly always find me scribbling away while I wait for him.

2. Join a writing group, or start one yourself by putting up a notice at a local library or community center.

This will help you structure your time so you don’t get lazy and put off working on your book. Plus, a writing group will provide feedback on your book, and give you the encouragement you need to keep working.

3. Take a writing class offered by a local adult education program or check out an online course (search “online writing class” and you’ll find a number of programs available).

You’ll learn not only how to improve your writing, but also what to do once you’ve finished your book.

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3 Things to Watch Out For as a Self-Published Author

Congratulations! You just finished your self-published book. Now, it’s time to market and sell. But before you move forward, here are three, key things to watch out for:

1. Make sure the publisher you choose does what you pay them to do.

Get everything in writing beforehand and go over it to make sure you understand what you will get for your money. Also, read any fine print to avoid unnecessary surprises. After all, you don’t want to pay for your book to be published and then discover you have to pay a shipping fee to get the books sent to you!

2. Don’t lose sight of the fact that once you publish your book, you have to change gears from focusing on writing to focusing on promoting your book.

It’s easy to think the hard part is over once you’re holding a copy of your book in your hands, but that’s when things start to get fun. Now, you’ll focus on marketing, promotion and building word-of-mouth about your self-published book.

3. Stay positive.

Sometimes it takes awhile for your book to start selling well, and you need to watch that you don’t become too discouraged at the beginning. Surround yourself with positive friends and keep focused on the bright side – you’ve written a book, and that is more than most people can say!

It is very exciting to complete a book. And if you stay focused, work on marketing and surround yourself with positive people, your self-published book will be a rewarding experience that will provide an income and happiness!

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