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How to Deal with Writer's Block

It’s easy to hit a wall when writing and not know what to write next, but there are a couple things you can do when you are stuck.

Take a break from writing if possible – go for a walk, call a friend, or work on things around the house that need to be done. Being away from writing might bring something to mind that you wouldn’t have thought of if you stayed in front of the computer.

Keep a list of words or phrases that evoke feelings you could use in your work – words like rebel, warm, and fester can instantly make me think of something to write.

Try writing a different way – if you normally work on a computer, try writing in longhand. Or you might use a recorder and just talk out loud before transcribing what you said.

Do you have any tips for dealing with writer’s block? If so, I’d love to hear them! Please write to me below or at Thanks!