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Planning Tips for Working Moms

If you’re like me, you have a lot of things going on all the time. I have my business, my family, and a house to take care of. Some of the things I do to keep things straight might work for you, so I’d like to share them here.

First of all, I make lists of everyone I need to buy presents for, and then I shop well in advance of any occasion where I might need to give someone something.

I keep a list for birthdays and Christmas, and once I’ve bought a present for someone, I check them off the list. Then, I store the presents in my “present container” which has a list taped to the top with everyone’s name on it, and I write what I’ve gotten for each person.

If you’re really ambitious, you can also wrap the present before you store it. Then when the birthday comes up, you aren’t scrambling to find something. You just get it out of the container!

Second, I print off calendars and keep copies on the refrigerator, in my purse, and next to my computer. You can find a huge variety with a search engine such as Yahoo – just search for “free printable calendar.”

There are also online calendars you can use which will remind you of upcoming events. I make everyone write what they have coming up on the main calendar on the refrigerator, and I check it each night before I go to bed to be sure I know what’s coming up the next day.

Third, prioritize what needs to be done. If your list includes doing laundry, and finishing a chapter of a book you’re writing, I would say laundry could be first.

Unless of course, you’re writing to a deadline, in which case everyone can wear something that’s not quite clean for a day or two.

Finally, delegate as much work as possible. Even very young children can help around the house – sorting laundry to be folded, setting the table, and making their own beds.

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