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Quick Tips to Promote Book Sales 3-7-11

Here are some quick tips to promote book sales:

• Set up Twitter and Facebook accounts for your book.

Both of these are free and can really help you get the word out that you have a book for sale… and inform readers where they can purchase a copy. Once you have accounts set up, then you need to regularly update them to keep things current.

For instance, you could include a sentence from your book one day. Then, the next day, write something about yourself. Then, the following day, mention where the book can be purchased. Make sure the content changes so your followers and friends are always reading something new from you.

• Get in touch with blog-talk radio hosts who interview authors.

You could use a search engine to find an interviewer. Then, send an email introducing yourself and your book and ask to be put on their schedule of interviews.

If you can bring a fresh perspective each time, you could be interviewed more than once on a show. For instance, in one interview talk about how you wrote your book. In another, talk about yourself, and in another, give your tips for writers.

• Have a contest for your friends and family.

Ask them to help promote your book, and take the first one to sell ten copies of your book out to lunch. This lets you reach a large group of people fairly quickly.

Do you have any tips to promote books sales? I’d love to hear them! Please let me know here or at