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Staying on Top of Things

If you’re like me, hardly a week goes by without something unexpected popping up that demands your full attention. What helps me is that as much as possible, I try to work ahead, so that when these things occur, I am not also frantically scrambling to finish a project on top of everything.

I like to keep things organized on printable calendars (make your own by searching “free printable calendar”), which I keep next to my computer. This way, I can have a picture in front of me showing when different things are due. I write projects on my calendars with a pencil, but some of the templates on the computer let you write on each day what is due before you print them.

It’s good to stay flexible with your work schedule if possible. I prefer to work in the mornings, but if there’s nothing going on some nights, I like to get a jump-start on the next day’s work. I also use the occasional evening to work on things that don’t have a due date, but are still important, such as filing papers.

Keep a list of things you’re working on, or would like to work on, and skim through it on a regular basis so you don’t forget what’s important. It’s easy in your day-to-day life to forget the big picture, and reminding yourself of your goals can keep you on track.

Do you have any tips for staying on top of things? If so, I’d love to hear them! Please let me know below.