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How to Get Your Self-Published Book Reviewed by a Blogger

One tip to help you promote your self-published book is find a book reviewer who blogs about books online, and get your book mentioned on that person’s blog. When I did a search for “self-published book review blog” I found more than 30 million results! You can narrow your search by searching for the type of book you’ve written, or by a location if you want a local reviewer to read your book.

Check out what sort of reviews someone writes before you decide to send them a copy of your book to review, then ask the reviewer some questions. Do they write harsh reviews? Do they have a large audience? If you send them a copy of your book, does that guarantee they will review it?

Many people believe all publicity, negative or positive, is good, but some do not. If you don’t want a negative review, be sure the blogger knows that and will not include your book on his or her blog if he doesn’t have anything good to say about your book.

Or ask if you could read the review before it’s posted on the blog. If you do have a negative review on a blog, find out if you can write a comment at the end of the article and tell what you think of the review.

Getting your book reviewed by a blogger is a great way to generate publicity for your book, and a great way for readers to find a book they might be interested in!

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