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3 Tips to Jumpstart Your Writing

Sometimes, writing can become routine and uninspiring, or sometimes you just suffer from burnout or writer’s block. That’s a good time to try to shake things up a little to re-energize yourself and find some fresh ideas to write about.

First of all, try writing at a different time than you normally write. If you’re someone who gets up early to work, try sleeping in and writing at night. It’s a different atmosphere in the house and you might find it’s a better fit for you.

Second, try writing in a different place. If you always sit in front of your computer, try a day or two working on a laptop while sitting on the sofa. Or, get out of the house and write in the park or at the library.

Third, try writing a different way altogether. If you normally type on a computer, grab a pen and paper and try writing things out longhand. You might find that even as you scribble things out, you can connect with what you’re writing in a different way.

These tips might not be something you use every day, but it’s a good idea to fit a little change into your routine, and you might find you work better in a way you’d never thought to try!

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