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How to Organize Your Workspace

Although I am a fairly, well-organized person, I think it’s a good idea to at least once a year completely reorganize my workspace. Some of the things I do to help myself might also work for you.

I sort through my files completely once a year, and I keep a shredder nearby to use when I throw anything away from my files. If you don’t have a shredder, you can buy an inexpensive one from an office supply store, or you might check your local library to see if they have one available for the public to use.

I keep my in- and out-boxes up to date. At the very least, once a month file what needs to be saved in a binder or folder. It will be one less thing to search for when you start to prepare your taxes. I also keep a 3-hole punch next to my inbox and I immediately punch holes in documents I print off from the computer.

I keep a number of directories and address books on shelves next to my computer. Check to see if you are using current directories, and not wasting space by storing out-of-date books when you only need the most recent issue.

Make a space for printer ink cartridges and extra paper and keep them next to your printer. If you can see at a glance that you’re running low on supplies, it means there’s less chance of running out of things in the middle of printing something.

Staying organized is an ongoing job, but you should annually go through your workspace to be sure you have the room to work without holding on to clutter.

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