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How to Deal with Publisher Rejection

No one likes rejection, let’s start by getting that out of the way. But you need to remind yourself there’s a huge difference between rejection and failure. Your book might have been rejected by someone, but unless you give up, you have not failed.

Keep in mind is there’s a world of publishers out there, and just because your book has been rejected by one (or by a hundred), it has not been rejected by all publishers. Go to your local library to find other publishers where you could send your manuscript, or check online for publishers looking for new talents. It’s a set-back to have been rejected, but you need to remind yourself it’s just that you haven’t found the right publisher yet. Make a list of publishers and work your way right through it if you have to, until you find the one who is right for you.

If the rejection letter came with any comments, see if you can make that work to your advantage. For example, if you were entering your manuscript in a writing contest, the publisher might like to see your work again at a different time, when you won’t be in competition with other writers. Could you re-submit it? Did the publisher think the material was too short or too long? If so, consider editing your manuscript with that in mind.

Finally, you might just need to take a break from sending out your manuscript to publishers. Sometimes the stress of waiting for an answer can be overwhelming. Give yourself some time before you send your manuscript to another publisher, then when you’re ready, get right back into things and keep looking for the right fit for your book!

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