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How to Turn Your Book Idea into a Reality

The simple answer to how to turn your book idea into a reality is obviously to write. It’s one thing to come up with a great idea, it’s another thing altogether to actually get it down on paper.

If you come up with an idea for a book, you should start by setting some writing goals. Will you write for a certain amount of time each day? Will you write a certain number of words per day? Where will you write? Do you prefer to work on a laptop in a coffee shop? Can you work from home?

Next do any research necessary for your book. Is there any information you’ll need to know when you’re writing? If you’ve already got the details handy, you won’t need to stop writing in the middle of your book to look something up. Will you be interviewing anyone? Get the interviews done before you start writing. You can always get additional information later, but the more you have to start with, the easier it will be to just fill in details.

Many writers start with an outline. Do you have a rough idea of characters, opening and closing, and plot development? If you get an outline written down, you can use it to keep yourself from going astray while you’re working.

What helped you turn your book idea into a reality?

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