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Top 3 Reasons to Self-Publish

There are lots of great reasons to self-publish your book, but I think these are the top three: control, time, and convenience.

First of all, if you self-publish your book you get to control all aspects of it. How much will you charge for each book, where will you market your book, what sort of cover art will you choose, even what font your book will be printed in! If you choose to self-publish, every decision will be yours.

Second, you will not have to wait for a publisher to get your manuscript, read through it, and get back to you. If you go through a traditional publishing route, it could be weeks or months before you even know if your book will be published, whereas if you self-publish, your book will be published on your schedule.

Third, it is convenient to self-publish your book. You can buy software to prepare your book for you, step by step. You could choose one of the many online self-publishing firms that provide a variety of services, from editing to marketing your book. There are lots of great self-publishing firms out there just waiting for your book!

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