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How to Develop a Good Book Title

Many books go through a number of working titles. Most titles are what the author comes up with while writing, but sometimes a whole book is built around a title the writer thinks of even before starting the book. Then there are some titles that are changed by editors or friends who read through manuscripts while the work is in progress.

One thing I think you should keep in mind is open-mindedness. Try to not be so attached to a book title that you don’t listen to what others are saying. Is the title you came up with too long? Does it not relate to what you’ve written? Is it confusing?

When you’re choosing a title for your book, try to choose something that will grab the readers’ attention. They might be browsing through a long list of books, and you want your book to hold them long enough to check it out.

Also consider your book category. Are you writing for young children? Teens? Adults? Is your book science fiction? Is it a biography? Think about how you could use the title to market your book to those groups. You might even consider rounding up a group of people and giving them a list of possible titles and have them choose the one that sounds most intriguing to them.

How did you come up with your book title? I'd love to know!

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