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How to Know If Your Book Is Any Good

There are a lot of writers out there and a lot of books to choose from. How can you tell if your book is one of the good books or not is obviously a very subjective thing – everyone thinks their own book is good. But there are a couple things you can do to see if your book is any good.

Join a writer’s group and have your fellow authors critique your book.

They might see where something needs to be polished, or edited, or clarified. Or ask friends or family to read your book and let you know what they thought about the writing. Be open to hearing their opinions and see if changing things improves your book.

Record yourself reading your book out loud and then listen to it played back to you.

Can you hear things you want to change? Are there places in the book that sound better or worse when you hear them out loud?

Whatever you hear from other people about your book should not stop you from writing more books though. Everyone has an opinion and just because someone doesn’t like your book, doesn’t mean your book won’t become a favorite of someone else.

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