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3 Things You Can Do During the Holidays to Become a Better Writer

Even though the holidays are a busy time of year, there are some things you can do this season to become a better writer.

First of all, think of using some of the decorations everywhere as an inspiration for your writing.

Do they remind you of childhood?
Happy memories?
How about writing about positive things you remember.
Gritting your teeth to get through the whole season?
Can you turn something negative around and write the way you wish things had turned out?

Secondly how about using holiday cheer to find someone to read through your book and give you some feedback?

When someone asks if there’s anything they can do for you, ask them to read your book. Tell your reader you’d like them to focus on the positive things in your book if you’re nervous about hearing negative feedback, then use what they say to improve your book.

Finally if you’re asked what you’d like as a present, suggest some books about writing, or a monetary gift that you’ll use to take a writing course or seminar.

Those will definitely help you to become a better writer!

Whatever you do, I hope you can find ways this season to write and improve!

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