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Should You Self-Publish Your Book?

If you just finished a book and don’t have a publisher, don’t worry. I had a hard time finding a publisher for my self-published book too.

But instead of giving up, I found that there are many benefits to self-publishing your own book. In fact, that’s one of the reasons I started…so if you are in the process of deciding what to do with your new book, here are some of the benefits of self-publishing:

First of all, if you self-publish your book, you have total control over how the book looks.

You get to choose the colors, font, graphics, style, and more! And if this is something that makes you nervous, don’t worry! Many of the self-publishing firms have editors working there who can read through your book for you. And they will also make recommendations about what would work best with your book.

Second, you have control over the marketing of your book.

You can market it exclusively to one group of people, for instance members of a club, or to the world, using the Internet. You don’t need to get permission from anyone as to when and where you market your self-published books. You can be creative, review the results and make fast changes in your overall marketing plan if necessary.

Third, you set the price, save money and deal directly with customers.

When you self-publish a book, you can set the price and respond directly to customers. You can create joint marketing efforts with various charities and organizations to build buzz, create special, discount packages, and promote sales to bring in new customers. Of course, it’s more work to do everything yourself, but you’ll save a lot of money and know exactly what your sales are at all times.

Now, there are many other benefits to self-publishing a book that I’d be happy to talk to you about. If you are looking for a cost-effective way to sell your self-published books (and get free marketing bookmarks and a Website page), please let me know below or at I’d love to hear from you!