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Self-Published Authors - Need help?

As a new, self-published author, it can be confusing and overwhelming to know what to do next once you finish your book. Here are three quick tips to help you find information and get support:

1. Check community notice boards to see if there’s a writer’s group in your neighborhood.

You can find these at the library and even online by doing a search for "local community writer's groups." Also, checkout sites like and for additional help.

2. Look online for tips about writing and being a self-published author in different genres.

In addition to sites related to local writing groups, also search online for writing tips, articles, forums and information. There are many sites for writers so narrow your search to the genre related to your self-published book. You can start with sites like for a list of writing associations.

3. Visit your local library.

And don't forget your local library! You'll find lots of books about writing and "how to publish a self-published book."

It takes a little time and effort, but there is help available if you do the appropriate research.

And if you have questions about self-published books, or selling your books online fast, please feel free to contact me below or at I'd love to talk to you!