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Writers, Why You Should Take a Notebook with You at All Times

I always carry a notebook and pen with me because I find interesting things that I want to remember all the time. Actually, I also always carry a small pack of colored pencils, because I like to scribble down sketches of some of the places I visit in case I want to write about them later.

There are several things I always make note of such as interesting quotations, funny things people say, and ideas for future stories or articles. I also keep a list of words I like and want to remember, or that I need to look up in a dictionary when I get a chance.

Some writers prefer writing in longhand, and even if you’re not one of them, it’s very convenient to have a notebook handy for the times you’re stuck somewhere and have an idea you want to write about. You can always type it once you’re back in front of your computer, but without a notebook handy, you might forget something you want to include in your book.

Do you keep a notebook handy? What other tips do you have for other writers? Please let me know here or at I’d love to hear from you!