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3 Top Tips for Dealing with Rejection Letters

Most writers, myself included, have received their share of rejection letters from publishers. While it is disappointing every time, there are some things you can do to make the rejection hurt less.

First of all, remember that a rejection of your book is not a rejection of you as a person. Although our books are like pieces of ourselves to us, to an editor it’s just a book, and you are just getting their opinion.

Second, make sure you are submitting books in the proper format that each editor asks for.

Are you sabotaging yourself by not including a cover letter if one is required?

Is it a publisher who requires you to have an agent?

Do your homework before sending anything so you can be sure your book won’t be rejected for a reason that would’ve been easily corrected before you sent it.

Finally, take action if your book is rejected. If there are comments from the editor, read them to see if you can make changes in your manuscript. Maybe it’s just a small change you need to make and you can resubmit it with a greater chance of having your manuscript accepted the second time around. Or do what I did, and find a self-publisher and publish your book yourself.

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