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Interview with Self-Published Author, Eugene Stovall

Today at jexbo, we talk to self-published author Eugene Stovall. Eugene has written four, self-published books, and has some great information to share:

Tell us about your self-published books.

I have four self published books:

Frank Yerby: A Victim's Guilt [2007 IPPY Bronze Medal winner]

Blood And Brotherhood: A Novel Of Love In A Time Of Hate

The Idumean Covenant: A Novel Of The Fall Of Jerusalem

Cassandra's Curse: A Black Life In A Police State

My books are historical fictions written in the genre of Frank Yerby's costume novels and are intended not only to entertain but to debunk historical myths.

The books are available on my website, And also at, Eloquent Books [eBook], Kindle Books [Amazon Electronic Reader] and Borders Books.

Why did you decide to self-publish?

I could not interest any publisher, distributor or agent in representing my work.

What was your biggest challenge to overcome in self-publishing your book and why?

In the beginning, my challenge was to believe that I had something to say… something important. But the major obstacle I faced, not only in the past, but even now, is the question frequently posed by friends and family: “Who will buy a book that you’ve written?”

Frank Yerby put it another way. He said that all writers must overcome the obstacle of believing that their writing is an aspect of hubris or arrogance.

Even after deciding to write, I had to face the simple fact that I needed to do a lot of work before I could focus my thoughts, research my facts and develop the literary style expected of an accomplished writer. So I spent a great deal of time writing before I could overcome the skepticism of either my friends and family... or myself.

What has been the best part about self-publishing your book and why?

By working at my craft for almost ten years now, my writing style as a costume novelist continues to develop. I have learned to make my readers laugh and cry ... and end my novels in a way that makes the reader gasp because the ending was unexpected.

I have received a number of excellent reviews, both online as well as in literary magazines, which tells me that I am on the right track. At the same time, my understanding of the business of publishing and selling books is resulting in a number of solid opportunities. Thus, the best part of what I do is that I grow not only as a writer, but also as a business person.

What advice do you have for other writers who are self-publishing their book?

The most important advice I can offer any writer, whether self publishing or not, is to read.

I have always read for my own enjoyment, but once I became serious about writing, I realized how important it was to study the various literary styles and discover the right one for me. Each writer must make this same discovery, if that writer hopes to discover the road to success.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I believe my recent trip to China to participate in the 2010 Beijing International Book Fair was successful. Several Chinese publishers are currently reading my books. One has even inquired about my financial requirements. So I am very excited about the prospect of selling the rights to my books to a Chinese publication house.

That’s great news Eugene! We wish you all the best! Thanks for your insights.

How about you? Do you have questions about writing and selling a self-published book? Please write to me here or at I’d love to hear from you!