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How to Sell Your Self-Published Comic Books

There’s a booming market in self-published graphic novels and comic books right now, and if you’ve just written one, you’ve got a number of choices to sell it yourself.

Contact your local media.

One way to get some free publicity is get in touch with your local newspaper. They might be interested in a story about you or your comic book, which would help get the word out locally at no charge to you.

Check with local businesses.

Research local clubs and organizations in your neighborhood that may be interested in your comic books. You can ask to be included in their newsletter or purchase advertising.

Also, most large cities have stores that sell comic books and graphic novels. Check to see if you could leave some copies with them to sell. And if they have a community bulletin board, ask if you can post an advertisement selling your book.

Don’t forget to check out your local bookstore or library too. See if they would be interested in selling your book, or letting you come in to give a presentation, host a book signing and sell your book yourself.

Go online.

If you want to reach a worldwide audience, list your book online on a site like For 99¢ per month, you can have a Web page to list your book. This includes uploading images for readers to check out before purchasing. You can also print out bookmarks including information about your book and, “Buy my book at” so buyers will know you have a book, and where they can purchase a copy.

There are many cost-effective ways to sell your self-published comic book. It just takes some time and effort, networking with the right people and using the appropriate services.

Do you have questions about selling your self-published book? Please let me know here or at I’m here to help! Thanks!