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Advertising Your Child in Germany

I'm very excited because I'm going to be the featured guest on the "Mind Your Bizness" radio program on July 1st at If you'd like some tips on selling your self-published book, check it out.

Also, I recently thought about something interesting...

There are some things I notice here in Germany that I cannot imagine ever seeing in the U.S. One of them is the habit of buying stickers showing a baby with the baby’s name written under it and sticking it in the back window of a car. It’s not unusual to see stickers announcing “Horst,” “Susanne” and “Fabian,” and three car seats in the back of a car.

I always comment to my husband that this is advertising your child’s name to every nut walking down the street, who can then use the information to say, “Lili – your mama sent me to get you,” and kidnap your child.

But just as I tend to defend the American way to my husband, he tends to defend the European way to me, and tells me there are far fewer kidnappings in Germany than in the U.S. This may be true, but there are also 200,000,000 fewer people in Germany than in the U.S.

So anyway, that’s just an observation of life here in Germany, and something I would highly recommend against. First of all, I think the “cute” factor wears off quickly. Second, why risk endangering your child? And finally, once the cute factor wears off, you’re stuck with what I saw this past weekend… stickers showing babies in a window with “Hans” and “Lia” written underneath, and two bored teenagers sitting in the backseat!


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