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How to Write a Great Headline

Have you ever been stumped about a headline and unsure what to write in order to draw attention to your piece?

I think every writer has gone through this at one time or another.

Well, after a little research, here are some headline-writing tips:

1. Practice.

Read articles that you find and then develop your own headlines for the articles. Try to write several headlines for each article with varying lengths.

2. Test Your Ideas.

Get a group of friends together and share your headlines with them. Which ones do they like? Which ones interest them or put them to sleep? Get their honest feedback and suggestions. Then, use these comments to improve your headline writing on a regular basis.

3. Keep a Word List.

Keep a list of descriptive words to inspire you, boost your creativity and help avoid writer’s block. Your list will help you find something to start with quickly. Also, have a thesaurus nearby to change words in the headline to see if one sounds better than another.

By practicing, testing various headlines on friends and keeping a word-list handy, you’ll be well on your way to writing a great headline that draws readers in and conveys exactly what you want to say!

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