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Time Management Tips for Authors

Many of us write in our spare time with hopes of becoming full-time writers in the future. If you are like me, you are juggling family, work, friends, and other life activities.

Instead of putting your writing off, try to schedule time each day to practice your skills. Although it sounds obvious, find the time you work best, and use that to your advantage – if you prefer to write early in the morning, go to bed a little earlier than usual and set the alarm. If you are a night owl, do household chores before you write so you are able to focus and not worry about unfinished activities.

Also, it helps to prioritize your work. If there is something that must be done, do it so it isn’t hanging over your head. And work as far ahead of schedule as you can because you never know what will come up.

Another idea is to delegate household chores when possible. Even young children can set the table or sort laundry. And if you need an energy boost, try fitting some exercise into your schedule. For instance, write for 45 minutes. Then, take a 15-minute break to walk around the block.

With a little planning, and a few changes in your schedule, you’ll find the time you need to pursue your writing passions!

Helpful, time-management resources:

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