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How to Keep Your Children Busy on a Rainy or Snowy Day

If the rain or snow is keeping your children inside, here are some tips from one working mother to another:

· Keep a “prize bag” stashed in a closet that you fill with things picked up at discount stores or garage sales. When the kids run out of things to do, have them choose a prize to play with.

· Save ads from toy stores, and on rainy days, sit them down with markers and have them circle things they like and cross out things they don’t like. This way you also have ideas of what to get them for presents throughout the year.

· Go for a walk no matter what the weather offers – the kids will love it.

· Collect rocks and on rainy days have the kids draw faces on them. As funny as this may sound, it’s a favorite activity for my son and his friends.

By preparing a list of activities for your children in advance and being a little creative, you don’t have to worry about the weather conditions. Instead, you’ll have fun and make memories with your children.

For additional tips and activities, here are some sites I found that may help:'s%20games&adid=2430445162&gclid=COCK4NWssZgCFShRagodC3soVA

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