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How to Thank the People Who've Helped You with Your Writing Career

Actually, writing a book may be a job you do alone, but nearly everyone has help along they way. You might not have someone who does research for you, or who types as you dictate, but you more than likely had a friend or two read through your book as you wrote it, or perhaps someone stopped by with dinner so wouldn’t have to stop working one night.

There are several things you can do to thank them for their help, and to let them know you appreciate what they did for you.

First of all, consider including them in a dedication or “with special thanks” section at the front of your book. Just as it’s thrilling for you to see your name on your book, it’s thrilling for your friends to be included.

Second, think about something special you could do for your friends who helped. It doesn’t have to be expensive – maybe just invite everyone over for a book launch/thank you party and order pizza for them.

Finally, don’t forget the best and simplest way to thank someone – just tell them. Say how much you appreciate their help and friendship and let them know how much it meant to you while you were working on your book.

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