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How to Find Time to Work on Your Business and Run a Household

Running a business and a household can sometimes feel like two full-time jobs, but here are a few ideas you can use to help things go smoothly.

• Do Work in Advance.

First, try to work ahead as much as possible, because you never know what’s going to come up. Someone could become ill, you could have an unexpected project to work on, or you could just need a break. If you have things done in advance, these events shouldn’t disrupt your current deadlines and activities.

• Delegate.

Another thing to do is figure out what household jobs you can delegate to other family members. Even very young children can sort laundry to be washed, set the table and make their own beds. Set up a schedule, and post it where all of your family members can see what they’re expected to do to help.

• Find a Good Work Time.

Find a time when you can work uninterrupted to get critical things done. If your children are school-aged, work while they’re in school. If your children are very young, work during their naptime. If those aren’t options, either get up a little earlier, or go to bed a little later, and do what you can while the house is quiet.

• Keep a Schedule.

Keep a written schedule that includes both work and household information together in one place. Don’t forget to note all school projects, birthdays and work commitments. Go over the list on Sunday afternoon so you have a head’s up for the coming week.

Running a business and a household does not need to be difficult if you take some time to get organized and create a schedule that works for you!

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