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3 Quick Tips to Sell Your Self-Published Books

When you are a new self-published author, it can be difficult to know where to turn to sell your books. In addition to your listing on jexbo, here are my three quick-tips to help you get started:

1. Check online options.

Once you have your book listed online, look for forums, blogs and Twitter accounts related to your book’s subject matter. Then, get involved. Tell others about your book with a link to your marketing Web page. Also, be sure to provide valuable comments, tips and insights. This way, you’ll build credibility and awareness without just being “someone selling something.”

2. Contact local media members.

Conduct some research and find reporters and editors in your local area who write or talk about new books in their newspaper columns, magazines, televisions shows, and radio programs. Then, figure out why they would be interested in your book and contact them directly. Provide valuable information, insights on current trends and quick tips.

After introducing yourself via phone, follow up by sending a copy of your book to the appropriate media members and book reviewers. Include a cover letter that is interesting and summarizes what your book has to offer. After all, if a reporter chooses to do a story on your book, you’ll receive a lot of free publicity!

3. Brainstorm ideas.

Sit down with your family and friends and think of ways you can reach your target market. Look for the cheapest ways first. For example, you can leave ads on bulletin boards in the local community, write an article for a specific newsletter, partner with a charity event, etc. Some of the most inexpensive ideas work best. And if not, look into paid advertisements. In some cases, you may pay a little more for an ad, but you’ll reach a much larger market.

Your Hard Work Will Pay Off.

These are just three quick tips to help you get started in selling your self-published books. The key is to be creative and provide valuable information for your target market. You don’t need a lot of money – just create a plan and take action. Then, monitor your results and spend more time on the areas that produce the most sales.

For more tips and help on self-publishing, please write to me here or at I'm here to help!