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Tips to Save Money and Have Holiday Fun with Your Children

As the holidays grow close, there are several ways you can save money while still having fun and providing some special holiday surprises for your children. Here are my quick tips:

· Make a list.

Write a list with the names of everyone you need to shop for and the price limit per person. Kids can have lots of fun helping you find bargains if you can give them specific directions (“find a blue t-shirt, size medium, for under $5”).

· Do a cookie exchange.

Find some other parents who would be interested in a cookie exchange and let your children pick the recipe. This way, you can cook together, share what you’ve made and have a variety of cookies to offer guests who come for the holidays.

· Make your own wreaths or garlands.

If you have any bushes or trees with suitable branches, give the kids some clippers and a plastic shopping bag and have them fill it with trimmings. Use green wire (at craft stores and dollar stores) to hook the clippings together and hang the finished product on the mantel or front door.

· Shop as early as possible.

It’s a little late for this year, but prepare for next Christmas by doing all of your shopping at the after-Christmas sales. I buy all gifts for all holidays at once, wrap them and store them in the basement.

These are just a few quick tips from one business mother to another. If you have other suggestions, please let me know. Also, if you have questions about marketing your self-published books, please comment below or send me an e-mail. Thanks!