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How to Make Your Book Idea a Reality

Do you have a great idea for a book but simply can’t seem to write it due to your hectic lifestyle? Well, it is possible to finish your book even if you don’t think you have the time.

Here are two ways I recommend for actually making your book a reality:

1. Set a schedule.

It may seem like you don’t have any extra free time to write your book. But as a mother, teacher and active volunteer, I’m here to tell you that it is possible.


You simply need to figure out where you can squeeze in 30 minutes or more each day strictly for writing. Perhaps you’ll need to get up earlier, go to bed later or tape your favorite television program? Your first task is to find some extra time each day.

Next, you need to dedicate this newly found time strictly to your writing efforts. Go to a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Do not answer phone calls, e-mails or knocks on the door. Otherwise, you won’t get your writing finished, and your newfound extra time will be wasted!

Now, discipline yourself to writing 500 words each day. By starting small and taking your book one day at a time, you’ll be amazed at how much you have written in just a few months! Now, if it is difficult to write this many words in the time you have allotted, reduce your goal to 300 words a day or less.

The point is to spend some time each day writing a specific number of words. Schedule your book and each chapter so you have a goal ending date for your book. This way, you’ll be taking action on your idea. And in a few months, you’ll actually have something on paper and not just an idea in your head.

2. Hire a ghostwriter.

O.k. Let’s say you’ve tried to write your book and just do not have the discipline to get it finished. There is nothing wrong with hiring someone else to write your book for you. There are many good freelancers available who can help you complete your book.

To find a good ghostwriter, conduct a search online for someone who specializes in your book’s genre. Also check various writing organizations and helpful sites such as:

Interview potential ghostwriters and be sure to check work samples. Before moving forward, you’ll want to see if this person is easy to work with, can match your tone and style and meet specific deadlines. Also prepare a contract in advance so that both you and the ghostwriter know what to expect from your new, working relationship and the final product.

It is possible.
You can get your book written. It’s just a matter of scheduling the appropriate writing time and being dedicated to working on it every day. And if all else fails, you can always pay someone else to write it for you!

If you have questions about your self-published book, feel free to send me your comments below. I’m happy to help.